Doctor’s Corner

Every student’s health and safety is a top priority at Family Christian Center School. That is why we have a full-time Health Assistant on staff who can adhere to the needs of the students—whether it is administering medication or ensuring the students are taking proper precautions during flu season.

Medication Administration

Please read the information in the Student handbook regarding “medication administration” if your child requires medications, whether RX or OTC. If you have questions regarding this please feel free to contact our Health Assistant.

Rx & Over the Counter Medications

All prescribed and OTC (over the counter) medications must be handled through the school by first filling out the appropriate form. Students are not permitted to self-administer any type of medication without first having on file the proper form filled out and signed by their parent.  This includes carrying aspirin and ibuprofen in purses and backpacks. Any variation from this policy is a violation of State rules and regulations. FCCS enforces and abides by all State regulations regarding Rx and OTC Medications. This protects parents, students and the school from possible consequences should a student give another student a wrong medication.

Hand Sanitizer

With school back in session, we are asking that you send “personal size” waterless hand sanitizer and pocket size tissue with each child in his/her backpack/purse. Please, label these items and stress the importance of using them with your children.

Medical Forms

Latest Immunization Requirements

Rx and OTC Release Form

School Health Entry Exam form (all students)

Student Accident Insurance

Student Sports Emergency Contact form

Additional Sport Physical Examination (for students practicing any type of sport)