Investing in Christian Education

When you choose an FCCS education for your student, you are partnering with FCCS in its mission to prepare students for their purpose. Through your enrollment fee and tuition payments, FCCS continues in its foundations of quality Christian education. Thank you for being a vital part of FCCS’s success.

K-12 Tuition


TUITION: Tuition pricing includes $400 curriculum fee

Primary School (K – 5th grade) $5,698.00
Middle School (6th – 8th grade) $5,798.00
High School (9th – 12th grade) $5,898.00
Homeschool (9th – 12th grade only) $3,198.00

Creative Pathways: Price includes $400 curriculum fee

Creative Pathways Program is designed for students in grades K-5 and provides an innovative approach to learning for children with creative minds. (Please click here for more information about this program.)




Registration Fee (Due with all applications)

Re-enrollment Fee (Returning students)




New Enrollment Fee (New students only)   $375.00
Curriculum Fee (All students – included in tuition price)   $400.00

Athletic Fee (If applicable)

Educational Planning Service (EPS)

Before and After School Care (Click here for more info)






When the first enrolled student pays full tuition, a $200 discount will be applied to each additional sibling.EARLY PAYMENT DISCOUNT: Receive a 2% discount when tuition is paid in full by August 5.


Returning students must re-enroll each year. FCCS charges an annual enrollment/re-enrollment fee. The fee is identified in the tuition price sheet. This fee is non-refundable; it is not a deposit on or prepayment of tuition.


Tuition Payments:

All tuition payments are due on the 5th of each month and are non-refundable.

Monthly Plan (11 months):
Payments will be automatically deducted from a checking, savings, or credit card through your online Gradelink account. This payment plan begins July 2017 with a final payment in May 2018

Monthly Plan (10 months):
Payments will be automatically deducted from a checking, savings, or credit card through your online Gradelink account. This payment plan begins August 2017 with a final payment in May 2018

Scholarships: FCCS accepts: Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (Step Up), John M. McKay Scholarship (McKay), Gardiner Scholarship (PLSA) and AAA Scholarship.

NOTE: Scholarship checks are delivered to the FCCS office on a quarterly basis. Parent listed on check must endorse check within 5 days of being contacted by the school or a late fee will be incurred. Parent is responsible for paying any amount due which is not covered by their child’s scholarship. This remaining amount will be automatically debited from your checking, saving, or credit card through your online Gradelink account.

Late payment: Monthly unpaid tuition and fee balance payments are due on or before the 5th of each month. A $15 late fee is assessed for payments received after the 5th.

NSF payment:  Payments returned for insufficient funds are charged back to the tuition and fee account. A $25 NSF fee is also charged to your account.

Monthly balance must be paid by month end. Your tuition contract signed upon enrollment or re-enrollment stipulates that the monthly installment must be paid in full by the end of the month in which it is billed. If your balance is not cleared by month end, your student may be asked not to attend classes or participate in co-curricular activities until your balance is brought current.

Report Cards and Transcripts. Report cards will not be released if there is an unpaid, non-current balance on the tuition and fee account at the grading period month end (trimester in elementary; semester in upper school).

FCCS transcripts are not released for school or college applications if there is an unpaid, non-current balance on the account.

Upon withdrawal or graduation from school, transcripts and/or school records will not be released until the balance on the account is cleared, outstanding fines are paid and school property is returned (if applicable).

Withdrawals and Refunds

Any tuition and fees that have been paid are not refundable. If any student is withdrawn from Family Christian Center School at any time during the school year, tuition will be assessed to the end of the month in which the withdrawal occurs.  Withdrawal will not be complete until the student’s parent or guardian comes to the FCCS school office and completes an official withdrawal form.  Tuition and fees will continue to accumulate until an official withdrawal date is established.

Family Christian Center School is a non-profit organization that organizes its yearly budget upon the students who have committed to FCCS educational services each school year.  Because early termination of a student contract will result in reparations that are difficult to appraise, a $250.00 fee as liquidated damages is agreed between the school and the contracting party to be paid in the event of an early-termination of the party’s contract, in addition to full tuition payment through the month of the withdrawal of the student.