The spiritual life of Family Christian Center School incorporates several avenues to help students connect in their personal relationship with Jesus and grow in Christ centered values and character.


Chapel services are a big part of campus life here at FCCS. Each school day our preschool students attend a chapel assembly. These services are a special time for children and staff to worship Jesus together with fun sing-a-long songs and engaging Bible stories. Each week a different classroom gets to lead chapel in prayer and our pledges to the Bible, Christian flag and American flag. Once a month we also invite a community helper (police, fire department, etc.) to honor and thank them for their service. Preschool chapel is a family affair and parents are always welcome


Each week the K-12 school chapel assembly begins with pledges to both the American and Christian flag, showing respect as citizens of our great country, and to the Bible, affirming that our school stands on Biblical principles. The K-12 chapel program also includes a time of engaging worship with members of our chapel worship leadership team and may also consist of a guest speaker, special music, video presentation, special program or game designed to connect our students with Christian values and principles. FCCS student families are always welcome!

All K-12 students also attend a daily Bible class as one of their core subjects. The Bible class curriculum is designed to equip students with knowledge and practical application of God’s Word to use in their everyday lives.


Because it’s important that what we learn goes beyond the classroom, the opportunity to practice what we learn is vitally important for a full understanding of being Christ-like. For that reason, we encourage our faculty and students to get involved in service to the community.

Students participate in several service projects throughout each year involving the American Heart Association and others, to teach them how to serve others in their communities and beyond. We also plan school-wide service projects to involve the entire FCCS family. Collections for the FCC Food Pantry and other local agencies are a part of this initiative.

The many service opportunities throughout the year allow our students to put into action what they learn daily in chapel and Bible class.  It’s another way that we empower our students to thrive in wisdom and serve in spirit