Cherie J. (Parent of a Kindergarten student): Our families experience with the Kindergarten program at Family Christian Center School is nothing short of GREAT! It has been nothing but a positive experience for my daughter Alyssa who transferred to FCCS in the beginning of the 2014 school year from a public school in Lake county. She was not doing well at the public school and had anxiety so bad in the mornings about going to school. Since we have put her in the FCCS program she has excelled. The teachers at FCCS are very structured, caring, and attentive. Alyssa’s teacher has always made sure that we are aware of what is going on in the classroom and addresses any concerns we may have promptly. I love how she caters to the child’s individual needs and makes sure they have learned what they are being taught before moving onto the next thing. I highly recommend anyone enrolling their child at FCCS and I look forward to watching my child grow not only in her learning but in Christ as well.

Christina C. (Parent of a 1st Grade student): We would like to share our hearts, and express our appreciation and love of FCCS. Not only has our child received an incredible education, but she is able to openly display her love of Christ each and every day. The spirit of the Lord rests on our school, and it shows through the teachers, and faculty. The dedication and diligence that our child’s kindergarten and first grade teachers is evident. It is quite evident that our daughter is cared for and shown the love of God every day. Not only is she thriving, but she is excited to go to school each day. We look forward to our family being apart of FCCS long into the future.

Steve W. (Parent of a 1st Grade student):About 10 years ago Brigitte, my wife, and I started to attend Family Christian Center and quickly became active members in the church. The encouraging teaching led by Pastor Rick was new to us coming from a traditional church background and as a result we were quickly, all in. I start back that far because the school has continued this fresh focus on Christ as the spiritual authority that guides our lives. All four of our school age children attend, or will attend FCC. The next in line, Jacob, will be starting Kindergarten in the 2015-2016 year. We are very excited about this as we hope he will have Ms. Barron as his teacher. Jacob would be our third child with her and I can’t think of a better way to start his school journey. Each child, Annalee, Arwen, Malakai, and now Jacob, attended Pre-K at the FCC campus. In fact all have had the same Pre-K teacher, Ms. Sherry. This continuity, and the family atmosphere coupled with a very healthy focus on academics and the focus on Christ is the reason my children will go nowhere else. It is my hope and desire that prospective parents and students consider greatly the meat of what a school offers. This is why we have chosen FCC for our children.

(Parent of a Kindergarten student): Our experience with FCCS kindergarten has been wonderful. At this critical time in childhood development, we feel blessed that our daughter has been given the love, patience and positive discipline needed to foster her own unique personality and gifts, all in a Christ-centered environment. Mrs. Barron has a gift for loving her students, and our daughter, who was a little nervous about starting kindergarten at first, is now excited to go to school each morning. She feels encouraged and loved, and even when her behavior warrants discipline, Mrs. Barron approaches her with godly care that leads her to make good choices and change her behavior without discouraging her. Our kindergarten year has been so great, we are looking forward to many more years at FCCS!

Tracy A. (Parent of a 6th Grade student): “I give thanks to God for giving me the knowledge to know that FCCS was the right school for my son. When your day begins and ends with God – great things can be accomplished! They are very welcoming to both the parents and the students and genuinely care for each and every student and wants the very best for them. The teachers at FCCS are amazing! They combine their love of God with their love of teaching and guiding the students to achieve their greatest goals. I think the biggest testament to how incredible the teachers are is when you see the students engaging with the teachers even before the school day has begun. God has made each of us unique, and that is what makes us special, but this is also the reason that I believe differentiated instruction works. When the needs of the students are addressed individually you see dramatic results. It allows the child to be challenged at their current level. FCCS allows your child to not only grow academically “but grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever.” (2 Peter 3:18)”

(Parent of a Kindergarten student): My family moved here from another state and school,  my daughter McKenzie was only learning things a she learned in VPK.  Once we moved here to Family Christian, within a couple weeks she was reading and writing, and get 100 on almost all her tests.  This school has been the best choice we have made for our child’s education.  This school is like one big family.

Here are a few of our current 6th Grade students’ favorite things about FCCS:
“I love P.E. and our lockers!”
“I like my friends and teachers.”
“Art class is my favorite.”
“I’m so happy we have lockers. I also like English and Art.”
“P.E. is the best part of the day!”
“The teachers are nice.”
“I like my teachers, the lockers, and lunch!”