Volunteer – It’s Important!

Like any community, our school is strengthened by the involvement of its families.

Our goal at Family Christian Center School is for all parents to be actively participating in school activities in some capacity. We offer many volunteer opportunities and are confident that there is something that will appeal to you. From assisting with the Christmas musical, helping plan fundraising and appreciation events, or partnering with teachers to accomplish their many tasks, there are abundant ways for parents, grandparents, and alumni to be an integral part of life at Family Christian Center School.

Parents may also choose to hold office in the Parent Partner Association (PPA), an organization that supports many different campus activities. This is a valuable program that is very important to the students and faculty of FCCS.

By volunteering and becoming actively involved at Family Christian Center School, parents and grandparents alike can more fully share the FCCS school experience with their child or grandchild. Another benefit is the outstanding example of community service and commitment that volunteering provides for our students.

Whatever your interest or talent, you can make a difference at Family Christian Center School!


Volunteer Background Screening

Thank you for showing interest in the volunteer efforts happening at Family Christian Center School. We are so grateful for the investment of your time and talents to our student body. We know that through a team effort we can accomplish great things. The faculty and staff of FCCS sincerely appreciate you!

In order to help insure the safety and security of our students, and in accordance with state and national laws, all volunteers must undergo a VECHS (Volunteer and Employee Criminal History System) background screening with the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement). Please check with our admissions office for the details and proper paperwork.